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With the proper oil and filter, your engine will run smoothly for many miles, and protect you from wear.

Having routine oil changes can keep your engine’s most important parts well-coated and protected from friction and heat, two of its problem starters.

Your engine needs a good oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but if your oil and filter get too old, it could affect performance, increase fuel costs, and cause

Make sure you have an oil change service every 3,000 miles or 3 months, or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Benefits Of Getting A Routine Oil Change

Get the Best Motor Oil Brands in Slidell, LA

When it comes to your vehicle, get the best motor oil brands, recycling and car care at the best prices. Our knowledgeable technicians go the extra mile with every oil change.

While the technician is working on your vehicle he’ll use the right type of oil for your engine and driving style to do the job. It’s important to have the highest quality oil for your engine.

We’ll recycle and replace your used oil and filter, inspect other vital filters, and top off essential fluids.

You don’t have to worry about changing the coolant! In addition, every oil change service we offer includes a helpful courtesy check.

If you don’t have any knowledge about how to check your vehicle’s lights, tires, battery, belts, hoses, and brakes, then you can trust our mechanics to offer help and education on the topic so you are better informed going forward.


Regular oil changes not only keeps your engine clean, it also improves its performance. Oil naturally carries dirt, debris, and various other particles as it flows into the engine. As a result, sludge begins to accumulate inside the device over time.

Those that are not having the oil changed in correct time periods may discover a considerable modification in their engine performance and output as a result of the gathered particles inside. Changing your engine oil and replacing your filters regularly will help you prevent a slow-working, inefficient engine.


Buildup from dirty oil robs a vehicle’s fuel economy and power and makes internal components work harder. An engine that works too hard will end up having more problems down the road as well as a shorter life span.

All of the moving parts, pistons, valves, and other engine parts are moving at high rates of speed under the hood of your car. These components create heat and will wear down the engine dramatically without proper oil lubrication. Our auto mechanics know the specific weight and grade of oil your vehicle requires and ensure it is kept at the recommended fill volume. According to Kelley Blue Book, car valuation increases at resale time if regular maintenance has been upheld.


At Prestige Oil Change, a fast oil change isn’t the only thing you can get with our oil service in Slidell. We also offer air filter replacement and wiper blade replacement. Getting an oil change can be quick, easy, and convenient. Hoping to score a deal on a synthetic oil change? We’ve got you covered.

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Do you really need to change your oil every 3,000 miles?

In short, yes. Here’s why: Your car is an crucial part of your life. It gets you and your family where you all need to go on a daily basis. And, other than your home sweet home, it’s probably one of your largest investments.

That being said, it simply makes sense to make sure your vehicle is in the best possible running condition. You need to be confident it’s reliable, safe, and protected. Changing your oil every 3,000 miles is an inexpensive, quick, and easy way to extend the life of your vehicle and reduce the likelihood of expensive engine repairs years down the road.

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Regular Oil Changes Keep You Engine Clean

When oil flows into the engine from other areas, dirt and other particles will begin to accumulate within it. If you are not changing your motor oil at the proper intervals, sludge will begin to build up in your engine. Those who may live in drier, dustier areas will have even more particles making there way through. Changing your engine oil as well as replacing your filters on a timely basis, will get any of these harmful bits of dirt and debris out of your engine before they do any damage.


Longer Engine Life More Likely with Routine Oil Changes

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It lubricates and protects your engine and many of it’s critical parts from wear and damage. The problem is, oil gets dirty. By making sure that you have your oil and filter changed according to your owner’s manual specifications, you will be keep your engine clean and protected, as well as saving time, money and stress. A regularly scheduled oil change is an investment that will help ensure that you will be driving around in your vehicle for years to come.


Changing Your Oil Protects Other Engine Parts

Inside your engine there are a many key parts which make your engine run such as the crank shaft and the connecting rods. These rods control the pistons insde of your engine’s cylinders. There is also another piece called the camshaft which assists in opening and closing the vehicle’s exhaust valves. Making sure that you have clean oil in your vehicle’s engine is crucial in keeping of of these components well moving and running properly.



Get Better Gas Mileage by Changing Your Oil On Time

Finding a vehicle that is good on gas is important to all of us. Overall miles per gallon are affected by a number of factors including environment, terrain, personal driving habits and vehicle maintenance. Without proper maintenance, all that dirt and grit we talked about earlier will build up inside your engine causing friction, and friction is no friend of your engine. Friction is the enemy of engine performance and optimum fuel economy. Making sure that your engine always has clean oil in it will help to reduce friction, allowing your engine to run more efficiently with the best possible gas mileage.


Routine Oil Changes Help with Better Engine Performance

Over time, old oil breaks down due to exposure to heat. This causes it to loses its viscosity as well as its ability to lubricate the engine cylinder walls. Essentially, the dirtier the oil is, the harder it is to go where it needs to. That sludge begins to build up in areas blocking the flow to parts which need lubrication. Another function of oil is to draw heat from your parts of the engine. If they are covered with sludge, these parts stay hotter longer. Ultimately the engine will run less efficiently as its performance is robbed of both gas mileage and horsepower.


Keeps Engine Components Cool

Engine components, under the hood, generate a lot of heat as they move at high speeds. Fresh oil maintains correct lubrication, so all moving parts create minimal friction which in turn avoids overheating the engine components.



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