Many people in Slidell get their car fixed at the dealership or a big box store. But, are you really saving money? And, what if something goes wrong with your car during the repair process? Are you really sure that you’re getting the best price and the highest quality service? If you want to save money, time, and stress, then you should try using a local auto repair shop in Slidell, LA. This post explains why you should use a local auto repair shop and how it can help you save money, give you a peace of mind knowing that the vehicle is in the safe hands, and ensure that your vehicle gets the care and attention it needs.

Excellent Auto Service:

Locally owned repair shops will provide great customer service and fix car repairs with quick turnaround time. They understand the value of customer referrals and endeavor to provide complete satisfaction to their clients.

Skilled and Knowledgeable Auto Mechanics:

The Prestige Auto Works mechanics will be highly knowledgeable and skilled to work on vehicles of all makes and models. Whether you have an import or domestic vehicle, they will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it in no time. With their extensive experience in the auto repair industry, they will deliver the best car service to their customers.

Direct Interaction with Slidell Locals:

This is one of the major benefits of working with a local independent repair shop. You will be able to meet your mechanic in person in Slidell and discuss the problems that you have been facing with your vehicle. Moreover, you can have the mechanics to give a detailed report on the problems and the process necessary to fix the repairs.

ASE Certified Auto Mechanics:

Most of the local repair shops will employ only certified mechanics who have undergone extensive training to deal with any vehicle problems. Right from a simple oil change to the complex engine and brake repairs, they will handle everything in a professional manner and return your vehicle in a brand new condition.


With the growing competition in the vehicle repair industry, the repair shops are endeavoring to provide their valuable services at affordable prices without compromising on the service quality. In order to remain appealing to their customers, they also provide different packages for logbook service, roadworthy certificate and diagnostic services that you can choose from based on your vehicle repair needs and budget.

Aftermarket Work: Car aficionados with performance-oriented vehicles who are looking to do aftermarket enhancement work, should always rely on their local mechanic to get the job done. Unlike dealerships (who rarely offer this option), a mechanic will modify your vehicle to your exact specifications. They’ll even install the parts that you purchase on your own.

Lower Labor Costs: Although mechanics are highly trained in their respective field, they do not typically charge as much for their services as a big name dealership would. On average, reputable mechanic shops will cost customers less per hour than a big box store for the same amount of work done successfully and efficiently.

Location: Local mechanic shops tend to have more convenient locations than dealerships. While dealerships are typically located in populous areas, there are countless reputable mechanic shops located throughout town.

In conclusion, it’s very beneficial to rely on your local mechanic for your vehicle repair. You need a trusted mechanic who knows the car inside and out. This will help you avoid costly mistakes when it comes to your vehicle. You will be able to save a lot of time and money in the long run if you use a local auto repair shop.