For a long time, many people have thought that adding lift kits to their vehicle was all about aesthetics. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are a number of benefits to installing a lift kit on your vehicle that can make it much more enjoyable and practical to drive. A lift kit, also known as a suspension lift kit, is a modification to your car (typically an SUV like a Jeep) that pads the overall height of a vehicle and raises it a few extra inches off the ground. The added height makes it easier for the car to get around obstacles and tackle rougher terrain with relative ease.

1. Increased Stability

One of the main reasons that most automotive communities find themselves buying suspension lift kits is the desire to drive off-road. In almost every situation, a higher clearance vehicle has a lot easier time circumventing difficult terrain.. Other pros of getting a lift kit include the ability to install bigger tires, which can also make your drive much smoother and comfortable. Bigger tires also mean your car is now functional in more difficult terrain, such as driving through snow, sand, and off-road paths and you can go over uneven, rocky terrain without worrying about getting stuck. It is worth noting that in every situation, a lifted truck is not enough, as off-roading takes a lot of skill and experience to navigate on the roughest roads.

Why Proper Installation of Lift Kits for Your Car is Important

2. Shock Upgrade

Your car also gets suspension and shock upgrades with most kits. These also provide drivers with an easier driving experience when they are navigating rough terrain and off roads. The kit may allow your vehicle to do things it could not do before, such as driving through riversup steep slopes, or tackling sand dunes that are notoriously difficult to trailblaze. A lifted vehicle benefits from a bigger distance between the floor and the road. When you combine suspension kits with shock upgrades, you can expect to have a comfortable and smooth experience driving.

3. Visibility

One important and functional addition is that you will gain increased visibility on the road. You will be able to see obstacles and incidents before driving up to them so you can avoid possible dangers well ahead of time. Even a few fractions of a second can save a life, and we all need to be cautious drivers when on the road. Because you sit higher off the road, you can usually see above the cars in front and behind you, giving you a complete view of any traffic situation. If you drive in congested urban zones and popular off-roading spots, a lift kit may improve your everyday drive in every way except the traffic.

Why Proper Installation of Lift Kits for Your Car is Important

4. Easier Access To the Underbody

Other than mechanics, one of the least considered advantages of having a lift kit is the ease of accessibility. At Prestige Auto Works, we personally like lift kits because it makes it easier to slide underneath your car and take a look at the inner workings. These extra few inches really matter and make our jobs easier. In addition, suspension lift kits can be more pleasing on the eye than body lift kits.

Finally, your car will look amazing, which we think is a massive selling point on its own. Modified vehicles definitely have a fan base, but that means if the kit is installed improperly, your car will be the talk of the town for the wrong reasons. You need experts to install lift kits to guarantee you get the look you want with professional installation.

A lift kit installation is permanent in some cases, so do all your research before making your decision on a lift kit service. Also, a lift kit will ultimately change your driving with night and day differences. You should know that the ride, the steering, and the handling will all change. If you improperly install a lift kit at home, you can damage the suspension, the frame, or the body, leading to extensive repairs. That’s why we recommend taking your vehicle to Prestige Auto Works for this kind of complex job. We can do the job precisely and keep your vehicle’s specs in mind. And remember that we are here for ALL of your specialized and routine auto repair services like oil changes off the I-10 service road in Slidell.